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   Women are vital to our communities. Imagine a society where women permanently work together to help aid and better our communities. Sister’s Keeper inc. is an organization of women from different walks of life that rises together to make a difference in the world we live in.
   Our mission is to empower each woman by uplifting, encouraging, supporting their lives, goals, and their businesses. And as we become powerful, enlightened, confident women, we will together bring service to the society through volunteerism, mentor-ship and humanitarianism. 
  Our vision is to be the forefront for women being the backbones of our community. We will strive to educate and support one another and be an active positive asset to our community. Sister's Keeper is part of and has hosted many community service activities and events. Sister's Keeper is the haven where every woman comes to not only have or develop a voice but have one that is heard, have a voice that will lead inspiration and motivation into our communitites. 


SISTER'S  KEEPER inc. is Supporting women in:


All Resources

Job Seeking/Development

Youth Programs (EmpowHER: Young Women's Scholarship Mentorship Program) 

Life Coaching/Skill development

Empowerment Workshops

All area creative workshops/seminars


Professional Development

Community events


Self Healing

Meet the CEO

I am My Sister's Keeper


Tiana Downey believes in the empowerment of women. She believes that once women discover their POWER they are unstoppable! She then believes women can empower each other and in return it leads to empowerment of their homes, communities and the world. She is a Full Time Mom, Case Manager and Employment Specialist who continuously seeks meeting like minded women who want to discover and implement new endeavors to empower themselves so that they can together empower all.  

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